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Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

Keeping the confidentiality and your privacy of your private information is very important to Us. We are committed to safeguarding Your private information. This privacy statement describes what information We gather, how information is collected, used and handled, when information may be disclosed to third parties with Your approval, Your rights for requesting access to or amending Your private information, as well as ways to supply Us with comments or make a complaint. This file may be amended by Us from time to time.

2. Definitions

Your permission is meant by authorization. Your consent can be express or implied. Your approval will be signified when we can reasonably form a conclusion from our pre established relationship with You Which You have given consent by either determining not to take actions or taking action.

Private information has precisely the same significance that it's under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), namely information or an opinion, whether true or not, and whether recorded in a material form or not, about an individual whose identity is apparent, or can reasonably be ascertained, in the information or opinion.

3. Information We Gather

We shall only collect information which is crucial for supplying You with our services. We shall only collect information which is needed for the purposes for which it'll be used. Kind and the amount of personal information We carry about You and collect from You will vary depending on whether you're an existing patient or customer of Us or another Dental Care Network practice, have made enquiries about Our products as well as the extent to which you've got used Our goods and services. If You employ to be, are currently or have in the past been a patient or customer of a Dental Care Network practice, the private, or independently identifiable information that We hold about You may comprise:

Name, address, phone and e-mail contact details;
Private details including age and sex;
details of preceding dentists you've been a patient of;
your Medicare number;
Records of service contacts such as system notes and voice recordings of telephone conversation you've had with our workers;
Census and statistical information for purposes including risk assessment and product development;
financial information (for example, credit card numbers to help in the management of payments for dental services);
Details of professional services used, like the date; and and purchases
sensitive information including:

medical history;
family medical history;
current health and dental appraisal; and
4. How Information May Be Collected

We may collect personal information from you in quite a few methods, including:

You choose to supply it straight to Us in order for Us to provide you with dental services;
Forms may be completed by you, send an e-mail to Us, supply information during a visit to Our Dental practice;
you may select to supply information through the contact forms housed on;
When you subscribe to newsletters or other marketing materials that are direct;
When you purchase goods from Us or use Our services.
If you might have supplied permission to them under their own privacy policies we may also gather information from Dental Corporation Pty Ltd or other third parties:

Information may gather from third parties including your health insurance provider or Medicare; or
we may gather tips from dentists, dental specialists or other health practitioners (for example if you were referred to us by another dentist).
5. Use and disclosure of Your Private Information

We use Your private information primarily to supply, manage and administer dental services and products to You Personally and operate an efficient and sustainable business. As a component of these processes, Your private information may be disclosed by us on a confidential basis to Dental Corporation Pty Ltd and its related entities within the Bupa Australia Group. Additionally, Your personal information may be used by us for several purposes, including:

To supply dental and related services to You;
To contact You in regards to any matter relating to the dental or You services or products supplied to You;
To reply Your enquiries and deliver dental services to You;
To carry out internal functions for example information technology, accounting, quality assurance and management;
to resolve grievances;
To track price and value products and services;
To conduct research, marketing surveys and statistical analysis;
to fulfil marketing promotions;
To manage Your invoicing credit card payments, for dental services, or to collect outstanding invoices;
to process Your health insurance claims;
Up involving additional to follow You dental evaluations or treatments required;
To send information to You about Us;
To comply with regulations or any laws.
To be able to allow Us to operate an efficient and sustainable business and to handle and administer Our dental services and products to You Personally, We may be required to disclose Your information to third parties.

To Your relatives that are nominated in a emergency;
To government and regulatory bodies, eg. Medicare;
To other service providers and auditors We may appoint to ensure the integrity of Our operations and services;
To entity or any individual acting on Our behalf;
To carry out a review for the purposes of the practice of enhancing the quality of care
Eg, where law requires disclosure. Compulsory notices of law, tribunals or government agencies.

Nonetheless, if We do send your private information outside of Australia we are going to require the recipient of the information complies with privacy laws and contractual duties to preserve the security of the data.

5.2 Direct marketing

From time to time, We may contact you to be provided by You with information about other products and services offered by Us, our related entities and our business partners that could be of benefit to You and Your family. It may be via mail, telephone, e-mail or SMS when you are contacted by us. It is possible to contact Us at any time to let Us know should You not wish to receive marketing material from Us. Our contact details are in the end of the policy. When You contact Us to make this request, We will action your request within 5 working days.

If You request to not receive advertising material, please note that you will be still contacted by us in regards to Our ongoing relationship with You. For instance, we shall still send You any bills, statements and notices which are related to the products you've got purchased from Us.

6. Handling and storage of Private Advice

We'll take reasonable steps to ensure That The private information is stored securely and is protected from misuse and loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. We'll take reasonable steps to ensure that private information supplied by you'll be handled in accordance with Australian privacy laws such as the Privacy Principles that are Australian. We maintain processes and demanding data security standards with a view to preventing unauthorised access to your data by anyone other than Us.

Our workers may handle your private information. Advice may be used by staff at an Our practice for the supply of dental services. Your personal information is kept by us for as long as it truly is required to comply with legal requirements and to provide products and the services You requested from Us to You.

If We no more require Your private information for any purpose, including legal motives, reasonable steps will be taken by us to securely destroy or de-identify your private information except in circumstances required or permitted legally.

7. Obtaining, Upgrading, Amending and Correcting Your Information

7.1 Access to private information

You might have the right to obtain private information that is held about you. It is possible to ask Us for access to the information that We hold about you. Just contact Us (Our contact details are listed below) to make your request. We shall constantly endeavour to meet with Your request for access within a reasonable time and in the mode requested by You if it is reasonable to achieve that. Nevertheless in some conditions, access to particular information may be dropped. This consists of the following circumstances:

We no longer hold or use the information;
providing access would have an excessive impact on the privacy of others;
The request is frivolous or vexatious;
The information relates to existing or anticipated legal proceedings and would not usually be revealed as part of those proceedings;
denying access is required by law;
providing access would be likely to prejudice the prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of possible unlawful activity;
where access would pose a risk to the life or health of any person;
If We are unable to give You access to the information you've requested, you will be given written motives with this conclusion when we respond to Your request by us. Please see section 9 of this Policy for further information, if you've got any worries about the refusal.

We may charge You a fair fee for access to some types of info. This charge will be restricted to the cost for providing the advice to You of recouping Our prices. For example, record retrieval, photocopy, labour and delivery to You Personally. We will not bill You to make a request to access Your tips.

You may request entry to your private information by contacting Us as per the contact details at the conclusion of the document.

We'll take reasonable steps to ensure That The private information is accurate, complete and up to date at the time of collecting, using or disclosing it. We'll respond to Your request within an interval that is reasonable and will take reasonable steps to amend Your records.

8. Changes to the Privacy Statement

We may change the information or services found on Our website anytime without notice. Therefore Our Privacy Statement may change without notice also at any time.

9. Our Contact Information and Concluding your Concerns

You are able to contact Us if you've got any questions or concerns about Your private information was handled or about this file.

We can be contacted by you and ask to speak to Our Privacy Officer.

If You do not feel Your complaint continues to be worked out, or in Case You Are not happy with Our answer, you happen to be able to seek guidance in the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

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